Core Values

Customer Driven

  • We are observant to our customers' needs
  • We are dynamic & tenacious in our pursuit of excellent customer service
  • We build long-term relationships
  • We make our customers' jobs & save the money
  • We are relentless in our quest of knowledge and continuous improvement


  • We are dynamic & fearless in our pursuits to improve and achieve our company's goals
  • We invest in ourselves to grow as a company and as individuals
  • We have a strong work ethic because we own this company
  • ISO certification provides the firm foundation for sustainable growth

Problem Solvers

  • We are observant to quickly identify potential problems
  • We are resourceful and provide inventive solutions to our customers
  • We are knowledgeable of our products, services and industry
  • We are creative & flexible problem solvers
  • We are a team of hard workers who are efficient & organized for our customers & ourselves


  • We operate with integrity & honesty
  • We are ethical & honorable in our actions & decisions
  • We are loyal to customers, suppliers & company
  • We are accountable for our customers, suppliers & company

Team Focus

  • Safety is our priority because we want everyone to go home safe & healthy
  • We are helpful to each other, our customers and our supply chain
  • We remain coachable and we mentor others
  • We are supportive of our team members
  • We are easy to work with by being affable, kind & courteous